7th Annual Kouba Ball Tournament

Troop 2 will compete in the Kouba Ball Tournament beginning at 6:30 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Middletown, DE on Tuesday, June 12.

We will be meeting at 5:15 at Independence in the parking lot and any adult drivers would be greatly appreciated.  If you are driving separately or for the troop, please let the John L. know.

A Scout-cooked dinner will be available for $4 from 5:30 to 6:30. The tournament begins at 6:30 and will end at 8:30 with a small awards ceremony.

Feel free to bring the whole family!  Check the invitation for more information: K-Ball Tournament Invitation.

The party is from the end of Kouba Ball to 11:30 at the Reynolds’s house. Check the troop roster for their address and contact information.

This week’s Thursday troop meeting is canceled in lieu of the tournament.

What is Kouba Ball and how do you play it?

This may seem like a lot of information, but once the game starts, it is easy to understand. The game starts with “rock, paper, scissors” and the winner gets the ball.


  1. You move the ball down the field by running it yourself or passing it to a teammate.  If the ball hits the ground or is intercepted, the other team gets the ball.
  2. The goal of the game is to shoot the ball at an eight or nine foot pole and knock off the volleyball which is on top of it.  Knocking off the ball is one point.
  3. You need to shoot the ball from outside of the crease, which is a rope that forms about a five foot circle around the pole.


  1.  You get the ball on defense by either intercepting, blocking, or having the offense drop the ball.
  2. When playing defense, you should pair up with someone on the other team and guard him the entire time.
  3. Each team can have a goalie who stays inside the crease area.
  4. When guarding someone, if you tag them, they have three seconds to pass the ball to another player on their team.
  5. If they do not throw it in three seconds, the ball switches teams.

The referees have the ultimate decision on every play, so do not argue with them.

Let’s go Troop 2!