Summer Camp Departure

We will be leaving from the parking lot behind the gym at The Independence School on Sunday July 22nd at 11:30 am sharp.  Please be at the school no later than 11:00 am so that we can get the gear loaded on the trailer, everybody checked it and all the last minute items taken care of.

Any scouts bringing a bike know that they need to be wearing a safety helmet to ride.  DO NOT LEAVE THE SAFETY HELMET with the bike on the trailer.  Pack it in your foot locker for the trip both ways.

We will be wearing our Class B uniform down (red scout shirt, scout shorts, socks, etc).  Make sure that you have your Class A uniform packed in your foot locker as we eat dinner in Class A.

Dinner on Sunday will not be until after the opening ceremony at 6:00 pm.  Eat a hearty breakfast and if you want pack a snack or two for the afternoon.  The troop will bring some items to get you through the afternoon, but bring more if you want.  Take your day pack with you in the car for the trip down.  You can put your swim trunks, towel, snack, 1 liter refillable water bottle in here so it will be handy for the afternoon.  Remember though – no food in the tents.

Make sure that if you are bringing a bug net frame that it is in a bag or container so some sort to keep all the parts in one place (put all the connectors in a zip lock bag and put this in the larger bag).


Also to all OA members: Wednesday night is OA night. Don’t forget to bring your sashes.

Finally: NO ELECTRONICS. No exceptions. If they are seen or found, they will be confiscated. No strikes. If you choose to bring a cell phone on the ride, the driver of the car will collect them and turn them in to the adults when we arrive at Rodney.