Volunteer Opportunity: Beach Grass Planting

beachgrassA Division of Watershed Stewardship Volunteer Project
Saturday, March 23       9am – noon

Location: Delaware Beaches
*Volunteers especially needed in South Bethany

Project Description: Sand dunes provide protection against damaging coastal storms by absorbing wave energy and replenishing sand to eroded beaches during storm events. Without sand dunes, storm waves rush inland and flood properties. Beach grass helps build and stabilize dunes as the blades of grass help trap wind-blown sand. To promote new dune growth and help protect inland properties from flood waters, volunteers have been helping to plant more than 5 million stems of Cape American beach grass since 1990 along Delaware’s ocean and bay beaches. Volunteers sign-ups for the 2013 beach grass planting have been great, but we are still looking for volunteers to assist at South Bethany. Please consider spending a day at the beach and join us as we replenish beach grass along Delaware’s important dunes!

Contact: Register as a volunteer on the Beach Grass Planting website. For more information, contact Jennifer Luoma at Jennifer.luoma@state.de.us or 302-739-9921.