Popcorn Show & Sells

320px-PopcornThe annual Boy Scout Popcorn sale will be getting underway soon. The sales will be September 7 and 8 at the Pike Creek and Lantana Acmes, September 21 at Zingo’s and the Papermill Road Walgreens and September 22 at Lantana Acme.

We ask that each scout sign up for one 2-hour time slot. Scouts may sign up for 2 slots if they would like; both scouts and adults are needed. Sign up at  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090D49A8A729AB9-popcorn. The access code is the same as the password to our private web pages.

We will be using Square to take credit card payments via smart phones again this year. SignUp Genius will ask whether you have a smartphone, so please answer appropriately. Mrs. Green will be providing more information on how to do this in another e-mail.

If you are seeing friends and family over the next week and want to get a head start, the popcorn form can be printed from the Delmarva Council web page (delmarvacouncil.org, navigate to Support Scouting/Popcorn Sale, it is called a campaign mailer).