Bike Clinic at Thursday’s Meeting

icon_bikingThis coming Thursday Mr. Liss will be having a bike inspection for anyone going mountain biking on the September trip. Scouts going biking on the trip must bring their mountain bikes to the meeting.

From Mr. Liss:

For Thursday’s bike inspection, I will have tools to take care of minor adjustments that will be needed to make your bike safe to ride for the mountain biking trip.  Since we will have just a short period of time available on Thursday, and an estimate of between 10 and 20 bikes to inspect, we’ll only be able to address safety issues and minor adjustments.
I will not have any parts (tubes, cables, tires, etc.) available to do any significant repairs.  So, if you know that your bike needs new parts or a major repair, please try to arrange to get those taken care of yourself or through a bike shop.  Note that some bikeshops have a backlog of repairs during this time of year, so be sure to plan accordingly.

You can call Mr. Liss with bike questions (see his email for phone number).

Remember that the permission slip for the September trip is due this Thursday. You can print a copy from the Weekend Trips page.