Eagles’ Nest

“Once an Eagle,
Always an Eagle”

Eagle Scout is the highest attainable rank in Boy Scouting and requires years of dedication and hard work. The title of “Eagle Scout” is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle”.

Scouts must demonstrate proficiency in leadership, service, and outdoor skills at multiple levels before achieving the Eagle rank. Fewer than 5 percent of Boy Scouts earn the Eagle badge.

If you are an aspiring Troop 2 Eagle Scout, take a look at the “So You Want to Be An Eagle Scout…” page.

We are proud of all of our scouts that have attained Eagle rank!

Troop 2 Eagle Scouts

2017: Noah Fincher, Karun Singh

2016: Hayden Lueking, Alan Balu

2015: Jesse Green, Paritosh Raval, Jacob Vassalotti, Akash Singh, Victor Gregory, Jamie Suddard

2014: Daulton Wallace, Trevor Adams, Bradley Pedano

2013: Jacob Verbanas, John Livingstone

2012: Steven Ryan, Chris Reynolds, Will Lueking

2010: Ben Masino

2009: Brian Chorman, Michael DeMayo

2008: Jesse Taylor

2007: Tim Kolpak

2006: Mike Ryan,  Neal Nayak, Samir Sethi

2005: Aaron Hanlon, Bruce Deakyne

2004: Jack Masino, Eric Austin

2003: Dwayne Pragg

2001: Rob VanderDecker, Scott Kasprzak, Ben Schmidt

1999: Jonathan Couch, Trevor King, Mike Persoleo, Andy Kasprzak

1998: Derek Schwalbauch, Dan Taylor

1997: Joe Bosik, Ed Sykes

1996: Joe Andreoli

1995: Nathan Nazdrowicz, Rob Schmidt

1992: Eric Thompson

1990: Gregory J. Weinig