A  form is required for all reimbursement requests.

We use this form to track our expenses for each trip or event so that we can develop a budget for the troop and ensure the patrols are complying with the established per head food budget. Our hope is that this will enable us to use our limited funds in a more prudent manner and to potentially reduce the price of most trips.

To request reimbursement:

  1. Download the reimbursement request form: bsa-troop-2-reimbursement-form-102517
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Scan* the completed form and required receipts.
  4. Attach the scanned files to an email with the subject line Troop 2 Reimbursement Request and send it to Steve Wham and Hannah Genoese (refer to the roster for their email addresses).

*Please scan and submit as electronic files to help us reduce the size of our paper files and increase the transparency of our expenditures among the troop leadership team. If you are unable to scan your documents, you make ask the troop leadership for an exception to submit paper copies.