Summer Camp Wrap Up

brownsea 2013The scouts of Troop 2 had a very successful camp at Rodney Scout Reservation this year. The boys attempted 86 merit badges and completed 74 of them. Four of the partials for Personal Fitness are strategic in that the scouts will need only to complete the 12 week training requirement after camp.

Congratulations to Raul and Mario for making amazing strides with their swimming.

Our Brownsea First Year Camper Patrol won the Honor Patrol Award for Troop 2 for the second year in a row and for the fourth time with Mr. Williamson as the leader. The boys were known as the Burrito Patrol (“That’s how we roll”).

Six of our older scouts took part in the Advanced Camper Experience and were rewarded with ACE bandannas on Saturday. Word has it that Bradley split a tomahawk with another one on Thursday. Kyle completed the Mile Swim on Friday in the Chesapeake Bay with Mr. Williamson and John paddling the escort canoe. Kyle posted the second best mile time for the week.

Chris and Trevor came by on Wednesday evening for the OA social and also on Friday. Earlier this year, Chris was selected to be a Vigil member in the Order of the Arrow and undertook his Vigil experience on Friday night. Congratulations Chris.

During the week, we were also able to spend some time with Will and Daulton who are counselors at Rodney this year and with Jacob the Elder who was a volunteer counselor for the week.

Troop 2 was also awarded a Clean Camp Site award. Way to go, Troop 2! For lots of summer camp photos, visit the Photos page.