Submitting Expense Reimbursement Requests

A new form will be required for all reimbursement requests going forward. We will use this form to track our expenses for each trip or event so that we can develop a budget for the troop. Currently we charge $25 per scout for trips which was developed in the past as an estimate of the average cost per scout. We would also like to use this information to ensure the patrols are complying with the established per head budget of $11. Our hope is that this will enable us to use our limited funds in a more prudent manner and to potentially reduce the price of most trips.

When requesting reimbursement, we would like you to begin scanning this completed form along with the required receipts so that we can reduce the amount of paper files we are generating and storing in our homes. This will also enable us to store these documents on-line and increase the transparency of our expenditures among the troop leadership team. If scanning these documents is a problem for anyone, we will make exceptions when necessary. As a non-profit organization, we are required by the IRS to properly maintain files that support the non-profit nature of each expense and we believe that on-line storage will help us to better comply with this requirement.

Please note that the reimbursement form and receipts can be emailed to a new email address indicated on the form. Find the form in the main menu under Resources > Forms & Lists and then scroll down to the Financial section.