Troop 2 Outdoors


Outdoor activities are at the heart of scouting. Research has shown that troops that have active outdoor programs attract and retain more boys. Troop 2 has an active outdoor program year-round.

Camping: A strong weekend program is a sign of a strong troop — Troop 2 aims for one weekend camping trip a month, usually but not always the second weekend of the month. The troop generally departs Friday evening and returns early Sunday afternoon. The trips are diverse in their focus, from caving to waterskiing, rock climbing to kayaking.

Camporees: Troop 2 participates in district and council camporees. Camporees are weekend events that give Scouts an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in competitive events with other troops and patrols.

Service projects: in the Scout Oath, Scouts promise to “help other people at all times.”  In addition to fulfilling this promise, service projects can provide the service hours that are rank requirements for Second Class through Life Scout. Troop 2 scouts support their Eagle Scout candidates by pitching in on their Eagle projects.

Summer camp: many Scouts consider summer camp week the best week of the year! Troop 2 has most recently attended summer camp at Camp Rodney in Northeast, MD and Resica Falls in East Stroudsburg, PA. Scouts can earn merit badges and special patches and complete rank requirements at camp. Troop 2 traditionally attends summer camp (departing on Sunday, returning the following Saturday) in late July or early August.

Additional Outdoor Opportunities

The following descriptions are from the National BSA website, These are exciting opportunities outside of regular troop activities; they are optional and may entail extra costs and/or training.

Council high adventure—A high-adventure experience includes at least five nights and six days of trekking in wilderness and other rugged, remote locations. Trekking may include backpacking, canoeing, mountain biking, horse packing, mountain climbing, ski touring, rafting, kayaking, and a host of other outdoor adventures.

Jamborees—Every four or five years, the Boy Scouts of America hosts a national Scout jamboree. More than 40,000 Scouts and leaders from across the country participate in this 10-day event filled with the most popular and highest quality outdoor activities Scouts enjoy.

National high adventure—The BSA operates national high-adventure bases and programs. With two locations in the Florida Keys, the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base offers a variety of aquatic and boating programs. The Northern Tier National High Adventure Program, based in northern Minnesota with two satellite bases in Canada, provides a variety of canoe treks and programs. Philmont Scout Ranch and the Double H Ranch in the mountains of New Mexico provide excellent backpacking treks.

Unit high adventure—The highest level of challenge for a troop or team is to plan and carry out its own high-adventure experience. These activities for more experienced Scouts are planned and implemented by youth members with coaching from their adult leaders.