Top 10 Hydration Slogans

From a contest to find clever ways to remind Scouts and Scouters to remain hydrated. Maybe a new Troop 2 cheer?

  • “Don’t Be A Drip! Take A Sip!”
  • “H2O makes a Hiker GO!”
  • “Show What You Know – Drink Your H20!”
  • “Way 2 go H2O!”
  • “When the weather is hot and the sun is hotter, don’t be a fool! Drink some water!”
  • “Veni, Sudare, Bibi. (I came, I sweat, I drank.)”
  • “Don’t dehydrate in the sun, Hydrate! Hydrate! And have fun.”
  • “No spit, no sweat, no need to go? Fix it all with H2O!”
  • “You’re not thinking, If you’re not drinking.”
  • “Water in your gut keeps you off your butt!”

From “Bryan on Scouting” blog. Winning submissions by: Stephanie Johnston, Jersey Shore Council; Tom Stanfield, Capital Area Council; Tony Hoppa, Seneca Waterways Council; Ellie Leialoha, Maui County Council;  Angel Zamora, South Texas Council; Michael Menninger, Atlanta Area Council; Mark De Wett, Longs Peak Council; Paul Kautz, Northern Star Council; Gray Jolly, Old Hickory Council; Chris McEvoy, Annawon Council.